Aburame ShibiEdit

Aburame Shibi meaning Aburame= Oil Woman and Shibi a location is the father of Aburame Shino. He is a jounin level Shinobi from the village hidden in the leaves


Shibi is a silent and mysterious figure just as his son is, with very little to say about his personality.


Shibi as well as every other member of his clan wears dark glasses that cover his eyes. Like his son Shibi has very spicky black hair as well as a moustache. He wears a high collared coat that cover his mouth. He carries a gourd upon his back which is used to hold Kikaichu.

The Invasion of Konoah ArkEdit

During the invasion of Konoah Ark Shibi uses his Kikaichu to draw the poison out of his son's blood.

Invasion of Pain ArkEdit

During the invasion of Pain Shibi Muta, his son, and another member of the Aburame clan in which is unnamed. In an attempt to confront Konan.They used used their Kikaichu to eat away at the paper that Konan had wrapped several shinobi in as Katsuyu healed them. [1] Shibi and other members of the Aburame clan face off against Konan.

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