Shino AburameEdit

Shino Aburame is the son of Shibi Aburame, and one of the main characters of The series.
Shino is a chunin-level shinobi from the village hidden in the leaf. He is a member of the Aburame Clan, and a member of team Kurenai (Team 8).


Like his father Shino is a calm and quite person very isolated from the other members of his group. He is a very mysterious person who tends to keep to himself most of the time. In most cases he shows very little or no emotion what so ever, except for the grudges that he holds.

Shino realizes in most cases that he is as you would put it weird. Many times people try to avoid Shino because they think he's a freak who spends to much time studying bugs.


Shino is the tallest of the graduates in his class. He has dark brown bushy hair, and very pale skin. Like most of the other clan members of the Aburame clan he wears dark black glasses with a high collard jacket

By part two he aquires a new wardrobe. Shino wears a jacket that sways down to his knees

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